A Little Night Music

It has come to my attention that with everything going on as of late, not only have I been incredibly slack on writing and recording my own music, I’ve never posted any on my blog. Which is silly, really, as I have always been and will always be a vocalist above all else. Though I do teach voice and piano most days of the week, it’s very important to me that I keep up my personal progress as a musician and writer. I will now begin posting my own work on this medium more often in effort to further encourage myself to do so!

The following taken from the 1998 Cabaret revival, written by John Kander and originally performed by Alan Cumming

I Don’t Care Much

3 thoughts on “A Little Night Music

  1. Brilliant… Love it. Your voice is so haunting, every time I listen to your stuff it gives me shivers. 🙂

    You know what I would really love to hear you cover? “Today” by Jefferson Airplane… like a slightly slower version of it with piano or acoustic guitar… I just think that would be epic haha.

  2. Does an applause count if it is weeks after the show? Well, no matter, bravo. I can but hope you had an extra-long cigarette holder and a cinematic cloud of smoke floating around the piano as you played, because it seems appropriate.

  3. Have yet to acquire the lovely cigarette holder de femme, but the cinematic cloud of smoke was quite possible. Thank you both 🙂 I’ll have to look into the Jefferson Airplane song…There’s about 60 I’m meant to cover at present and simply haven’t gotten around to it (be damned, statistical research methods!)

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