When The Bottles Break

In light of the decision to begin sharing bits of my personal work when it relates to music as a whole, here is another bit from my reel. I opted to shoot the first 16mm music video in my undergrad film department in lieu of my senior vocal recital. I have never regretted it.




Song written and performed by Thomas Villarreal

Directed by Diana Hereld

Photography by Dave Sweetman

Production Asst. Savannah Shealy

Feat. Nicole Wilson-Murphy




Edited by Diana Hereld

Photography by Josh Dowdy

“Dance Class” written and performed by Asche and Spencer for the film “Stay.”



Fall 2007, first attempt at directing a music video.


Song written and performed by Placebo.

Written and Directed by Diana Hereld.

Photography by Dave Sweetman.

Feat. Luca Sgroi

Story follows young woman’s realization and endurance of schizophrenia.

English translation of the French found here.