Help Fund My Thesis Research in Music, Mind, and the Brain

1511649_10100770379146070_1472478529_oHello all! Sincerest apologies for the severe lack of content over the past year or so. I have been tucked away studying music and psychology at UCSD, and who knew: grad school can be time-consuming! Luckily, I’m unwaveringly passionate about what I have been privileged to research, and I’ve enjoyed…well, many moments ūüôā

To come to the point, I’d like to ask a bit of support in order to finish my thesis.¬†In 2011, I received generous support from you all to attend my first conference surrounding¬†music and the brain. Five years later, I find myself again in need of assistance¬†to conduct research in my field. This time, however, your help will fund the final steps¬†for¬†completion of my thesis:¬†broadly¬†approaching¬†how music might¬†be used to combat and intervene in young people who struggle with self-destructive behavior.¬†I have an immense faith in¬†music’s capacity to heal, transform, and even save lives.

Taking place in 3 weeks, I have been invited to participate and present my research¬†in the UK in¬†Epigenesis¬†and Philosophy: A Workshop on the Work of Catherine Malabou.¬†This event brings together scholars in both the humanities and natural sciences.¬†We will engage in critical discussion regarding our work in tandem with the work of the¬†aforementioned¬†French philosopher widely known for her ideas which merge¬†philosophy, neuroscience, and psychoanalysis. Some of you may recall my enthusiasm for her work on plasticity as the catalyst for my decision to pursue graduate studies in how music may be used as a healing tool. I have since been lucky enough to converse with Catherine on a number of occasions, and she remains a primary source of inspiration and critical analysis in the wake of her timely question “What Should We Do With Our Brain?”

As a graduate student, I have been obscenely blessed with a fellowship that allows me to study in a wonderful program. Last year, I was awarded graduate travel stipends that allowed me to present my work locally and abroad. Unfortunately, the financial situation in my department is quite different this year, and it seems what few resources were available have been exhausted. Participation in the upcoming workshop would be a tremendous aid in research for the thesis (which must be completed by May of this year for graduation in June). The budget including air travel, ground transportation, food and lodging comes to around $1,700. 

Funding this vital research not only supports completion of my graduate thesis — it furthers investigation of the transformative¬†healing,¬†powers I believe¬†music can¬†have¬†on the mind.¬†Please consider joining others who have donated here and help us make the largest impact possible.

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For information on the types of research I do, please feel free to contact me at or visit any of the sites below:

Abstract –¬†Recovering the Voice Through Sonic Gesture: Contending the Annihilation of Self

Paper –¬†Heavy and Light: Uncovering resilience and positive affect in extreme¬†music

As The Spirit Wanes, or The Hope of Plasticity

Thank you so much for your support!