Cattivo Maestro, A Revolt That Never Ends, and OWS

“I always thought that becoming a professor would mean teaching freedom and exercising freedom. I was wrong.”

-Antonio Negri, A Revolt That Never Ends 


And a brief glance into Negri and Hardt on OWS, published October 11, 2011:

Confronting the crisis and seeing clearly the way it is being managed by the current political system, young people populating the various encampments are, with an unexpected maturity, beginning to pose a challenging question: If democracy — that is, the democracy we have been given — is staggering under the blows of the economic crisis and is powerless to assert the will and interests of the multitude, then is now perhaps the moment to consider that form of democracy obsolete?


Full article may be found here: The Fight for ‘Real Democracy’ at the Heart of Occupy Wall Street

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