Art Lets Truth Originate

Truth, defined as event and conflict, is centered in the work of art which is also considered as an event and a conflict. Art, embodied in the work of art as its origin, lets truth originate because it is both the specific expressions of truth as well as the condition for the expression of truth. In this way art not only expresses truth, it is truth. When a work of art is created it gives truth a location to become, a work-place. Heidegger indicates when he states that “Art is the setting-into-work of truth.” In another similar formulation he also states: “Art is truth setting itself to work.” By these statements he means that art is the entire process of truth freely realizing itself in a work of art. Art is the becoming and happening of truth. This, then, is the full meaning of “ART LETS TRUTH ORIGINATE.”

-Barend Kiefte

In quotatations-
Martin Heidegger, “The Origin of the Work of Art“, in Poetry. Language. Thought, trans. Albert Hofstadter (New York: Harper and Row Publications, 1971, p. 77


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